If your IT Systems are important to you, they are important to us!

The BlueCube Service Model incorporates 5 steps from the time we first meet a client to the point where we have established a solid working partnership.


Step 1:

We review your existing IT Systems and listen to your concerns and issues and to what you want to get out of your IT. Our review includes a full Site Audit to help us ascertain the full extent of the IT Systems employed.

Step 2:

Armed with sufficient information on the existing IT Systems and your concerns and aspirations for your IT we devise a Plan of Action designed to solve existing problems and enhance the systems for the benefit of your business through intelligent deployment of IT resources.

Step 3:

Based on the agreed actions contained in the Plan of Action we get to work to resolve existing issues and enhancing and improving the IT Systems in situ.

Step 4:

We maintain and proactively manage all the IT Systems and resources in place in your business.

Step 5:

We provide support for any IT related issues as they may arise through our high quality support technicians and our guaranteed response times.

& round & round the circle goes...

...back to Step 1 and we continuously listen to our clients requirements and concerns and strive to improve their business through their IT, not their IT through their business.

If you would like to try out the BlueCube Service Model for your Business, why not contact us?

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