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Bluecubes Technologies Services

BlueCube Technologies provide the following Products & Services to clients:

  • IT Support & Management Services
  • SystemSafe Data Backup & Recovery Solution
  • IT Security Solutions for Small Business
  • Consultancy and Technology Advice for Small Business
  • Hardware & Software as required by Small Business
  • Microsoft based Small Business Solutions

IT Support & Management Services:

BlueCube Technologies offer full IT Support & Management services to all our clients with a proven method designed for organisations wishing to reduce IT costs and better manage their IT infrastructure and processes.

BlueCube proactively monitors each client site, carrying out a list of health-checks at regular intervals to ensure issues are recognised and dealt with before they impact the client’s business.

This allows for better management of the infrastructure and the establishment of 'best-practices' and strategic improvements to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

SystemSafe Data Backup & Recovery Solution:

SystemSafe is BlueCube’s Onsite Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Solution. SystemSafe automatically backs up all your data locally, and then replicates this to the offsite state of the art Data Centre.


SystemSafe is the cost-effective first step to completing your company’s Business Continuity Plan which can add significant value to your business, particularly when competing for those all-important tenders. Having a Business Continuity Plan in place can make all the difference when there are no others, and SystemSafe provides the first step in this planning.

With our excellent prices starting from €1/GB/month, SystemSafe can provide the complete Data Backup & Recovery services needed by the Irish Small Business community.

IT Security Solutions for Small Business:

BlueCube provide appropriate IT Security Solutions for small business customers. This includes antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware, firewall, content security and other security measures. Our aim is to provide that which is most appropriate for the client’s needs and budget.


Our solutions include products from Sonicwall, MXSweep, AccessMyLAN, McAfee, Sophos and Symantec.

Consultancy and Technology Advice for Small Business:

BlueCube provide Consultancy and Technical Advice to our clients. Our in-depth focus on an organisation’s IT decisions, with specific business needs foremost in mind, delivers:

  • A more efficient use of limited financial resources
  • A more appropriate use of IT
  • A superior quality of service

BlueCube also provide Business Continuity Planning as a service, furnishing our clients with a comprehensive set of plans to be implemented in the event of a disaster occurring.

Hardware & Software as required by Small Business:

BlueCube supply Servers, PCs, laptops, security solutions, software and accessories as required by or clients. We believe in providing the most appropriate solution using tried and tested products and suppliers. Our solutions are supplied to us by our strategic partners as listed on our partners page.

Microsoft based Small Business Solutions:

BlueCube specialise in providing standardised Microsoft based solutions to our clients within the SME sector.

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